Skarp's predictive analytics engine provides not only an accurate forecast, but also clarity on which factors are driving it. Which in turn gives you the confidence to take action.

The benefits will be felt across your organisation, from strategic decision-making to day-to-day operations.


It's a truism that when things are going well, everyone tries to take the credit - and when they're not, it's always caused by something out of your control...

In the absence of data, it can be hard to challenge these explanations. Skarp quantifies the impact of hundreds of potential factors, from Saturday’s rainfall to Monday’s staffing shortage. The result is a definitive answer to the question “why is performance above / below what we expect?”

The power of knowing what's actually driving performance is that enables you to focus your efforts on the activities that truly make a difference; and where an external factor is responsible, you avoid chasing red herrings.


“Right people, right place, right time” is easy to say and hard to do.

The starting point for a good staffing model is an accurate forecast of customer demand - which needs to take account of seasonality, day of week, promotions, weather, school holidays and so on.

Skarp’s prediction engine generates this forecast using data science techniques unavailable to most organisations. The result is the elimination of both over- and under-staffing, saving money and/or delivering better service.


Class-leading stock management starts with accurate demand forecasting, and Skarp can significantly improve on your existing models. Our output is tailored to the frequency, timescale and granularity that you require - be that by location, category or product.

The benefits vary by organisation, but include lowers warehouse inventory holding costs, fewer out-of-stocks and end-of-season discounting, and higher customer satisfaction.


Every marketing team in the world is asked to prove the return-on-investment on their campaigns - but with so many moving parts in every business it is extremely hard.

By generating a detailed, accurate sales forecast, Skarp gives you the baseline against which to measure a campaign’s impact. An increase in sales during the campaign can then be reliably attributed to that activity.

Skarp's analytical engine can also review historical sales to determine the impact of past campaigns, giving insight on which to repeat.

Why choose Skarp

Skarp gives you leading-edge predictive analytics using an AI-powered machine learning engine - but without the need for any technical knowledge in your organisation.

All we require is access to your data and we will take things from there. Forecasts can be returned directly into your ERP system or viewed through our online portal.

No setup costs | No minimum contract | No technical expertise required

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There is no setup fee or minimum contract term with Skarp, and we offer all new clients a proof of concept free of charge. We believe the accuracy of our forecasts will speak for itself.

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