Skarp was created because we believe in the power of data to bring clarity to decision-making.

We set up Skarp to do two things: use the power of data science to bring clarity to demand planning; and make that approach available to any organisation, irrespective of size or in-house capability

The founders have senior, first-hand experience in retail and hospitality businesses of the difficulties in forecasting performance. We have sat through many a weekly trading meeting, debating the causes of recent results and what to expect in the coming weeks. Despite best efforts, such debates are largely opinion-based – in our experience, there is typically neither the expertise nor the time for a proper analysis of performance.

The challenge of course is that the data science techniques needed to provide this clarity aren't simple. Statistical algorithms and machine learning are beyond the capability of many organisations, so we built Skarp to work as a service – effectively a black box that takes in data and generates a forecast and quantifies the factors that are driving it.

We take care of the data science so that your team can focus on making better decisions and reaping the benefits.

If you'd like to learn more about the data science behind Skarp platform and how demand foreasting applies to different situations, we've written some articles that might be of interest:


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