More accurate staffing for restaurants & bars

We have tested the accuracy of our sales forecasts against those generated by Fourth, the hospitality industry's leading software provider.

Skarp's forecasts are up to 20% more accurate than Fourth, so by using Skarp you can significantly improve your staff scheduling and rotas.

Our forecast can be provided direct to GMs at the point they are writing their rotas, and is updated each week. Every forecast also comes with a simple graphical explanation of the factors driving performance – be that the rain expected on Saturday, the marketing promotion launched last week or the play that's running in the theatre next door – which gives GMs and support teams insight on what's happening and why.

Greater forecast accuracy increases profitability

Changing from Fourth Hospitality to Skarp brings multiple benefits:

1. Lower costs through reduced over-staffing

2. Higher sales from having enough staff on at peak times

3. Better decision making through insight on factors driving performance

The balance between cost reduction and sales increases will vary by site, depending on whether Fourth's forecast is typically higher or lower than your actual sales.
If we assume a 50 / 50 split, the benefits for different sized sites are as follows:

Cost savings per site

Weekly net sales Daily forecast error - Fourth 1 Daily forecast error - Skarp 2 Weekly labour cost saving 3 Annual labour cost saving 3
£20,000 £430 £355 £80 £4,160
£60,000 £1,285 £1,070 £240 £12,480
1. Assumes Fourth's daily sales forecast is 15% higher/lower than actual sales (based on actual data from Fourth clients)
2. Based on 20% lower daily error when using Skarp, compared to Fourth
3. Assumes 32% labour cost as percentage of net sales.
Calculation assumes that Fourth over-estimates daily sales 50% of the time.

Sales increase per site

Weekly net sales Daily forecast error - Skarp vs. Fourth 1 Additional sales per week 2 Additional sales per year 2
£20,000 £70 £250 £13,000
£60,000 £215 £750 £39,000
1. This is the improvement in daily sales forecast accuracy from using Skarp instead of Fourth, based on Skarp's 20% lower daily error.
2. Assumes that for every £1 that the forecast is below the 'potential sales' for that day, actual sales could have been £1 higher due to correct staffing levels.
Calculation assumes that Fourth under-estimates daily sales 50% of the time.

Why choose Skarp

Skarp gives you leading-edge predictive analytics using an AI-powered machine learning engine - but without the need for any technical knowledge in your organisation.

All we require is access to your data and we will take things from there. Forecasts can be returned directly into your ERP system or viewed through our online portal.

No setup costs | No minimum contract | No technical expertise required

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There is no setup fee or minimum contract term with Skarp, and we offer all new clients a proof of concept free of charge. We believe the accuracy of our forecasts will speak for itself.

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