Skarp uses AI-powered machine learning to generate forecasts significantly more accurate than traditional methods. We offer a fully managed service that requires minimal input and zero technical knowledge from your side - all we need is access to your internal data. The forecast output can be pushed straight back into your ERP, viewed on our online portal or simply emailed over: the important point is that we will adapt to your requirements.

We have deliberately designed our service around organisations without an in-house data science team (or one with priorities elsewhere), who nevertheless want to use the latest machine learning techniques to gain a competitive advantage.


Accurate forecasts give you the confidence to schedule staff, allocate stock and manage inventory to more closely match predicted demand.


Advance warning of demand spikes ensures no sale is lost through under-staffing or out-of-stocks - increasing revenue and delivering a consistently excellent customer experience.


Detailed demand forecasts allow your marketing team to work proactively and efficiently, targeting campaigns where they are most needed. Comparing results against forecast gives an accurate ROI (which is otherwise typically very hard to measure).


Skarp quantifies the impact of different factors on your performance, from school holidays to traffic on your website - enabling data-led decisions on where to prioritise the use of time and money across your organisation.


Forecasts are a contentious topic. Skarp eliminates the time spent preparing forecasts and debating their accuracy, giving everyone from the CEO to the front line teams and marketing manager more time to focus on what’s important.

Why choose Skarp

Skarp gives you leading-edge predictive analytics using an AI-powered machine learning engine - but without the need for any technical knowledge in your organisation.

All we require is access to your data and we will take things from there. Forecasts can be returned directly into your ERP system or viewed through our online portal.

No setup costs | No minimum contract | No technical expertise required

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There is no setup fee or minimum contract term with Skarp, and we offer all new clients a proof of concept free of charge. We believe the accuracy of our forecasts will speak for itself.

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